Dear CHS Parents/Guardians:

As we begin the 2018-19 School Year, we remind families how important school attendance is, and offer the attached Fact Sheet to help you understand the rules, the law, and the procedures for reporting absences.

In order for students to learn and achieve their fullest potential, it is critical that they are in school and engaged in the learning process. Research shows that student absences impact a child’s ability to succeed in school.

A growing and compelling body of research demonstrates that chronic absence from school – typically defined as missing at least 10 percent (18 days) of school days in a year for any reason, excused or unexcused – is a primary cause of low academic achievement and a powerful predictor of which students will eventually drop out of school.


A student is chronically absent if he or she misses as few as two days of school a month.


Parents need to contact the school to report the reason for each absence when their child is not in school.  The reported absence will be coded as excused or unexcused based upon the state and district attendance policies.  If the parent does not contact the school, then the absence will be recorded as unexcused.

All absences, excused and unexcused, count toward chronic absenteeism.  A student may be denied course credit if they miss more than 10% of any course (chronic absenteeism).  All unexcused absences count toward truancy.  Information on the attached sheet outlines the differences between excused and unexcused absences and how all absences from school count toward chronic absenteeism and/or truancy.

TO REPORT A STUDENT ABSENCE, you can use the parent portal OR call the attendance secretary
PowerSchool Parent Portal:              OR
Call the CHS Attendance Secretary:
  • Log into PowerSchool Parent Portal
  • Click on Ecollect Forms
  • Click on “Student Absent Notification”
  • Confirm/edit date/time
  • Fill in reason for absence
  • Click submit
CALL:    973-762-5600 ext. 1125
Leave the following information:
  • State the first and last name of student
  • Spell the first and last name of student
  • State the date of absence
  • Indicate the reason for absence
  • Leave the name of parent/guardian placing the phone call

If you have questions or concerns with your student’s attendance records, please contact the grade level Assistant Principal.

For additional information about SOMSD’s Absence Policy and Procedures click the link: fact sheet.

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